Ethnic Community




Naïm, lives in Paris, is the founder of Ethnic Community,
He embodies the fusion of traditional ethnic music and electro.
With his love of world music and his creativity, he continues to explore new musical frontiers and delight ears with his music.
His musical choices are a veritable voyage, a sonic odyssey that transcends cultural boundaries and transports his audiences into a world of rich, spellbinding sounds.


MILAS is one of Ethnic Community’s official resident artists.
With his music, he invites audiences to embark on a sonic adventure, where borders are pushed back and cultural barriers dissolved.

His electro-ethnic selection is a celebration of diversity, highlighting the beauty of different musical traditions coming together in harmony.

His musical culture is rich and varied, ranging from Oriental, Afro to Latino, and from House to Electro …

MILAS (@milasandmusic) • Photos et vidéos Instagram